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My good intention for 2019: Project365, or a year of blogging. Share with my readers the experiences during my personal quest. And this is: On the way to a sustainable lifestyle. How so? Two arguments. One is that I miss blogging on a personal title. So: share my private observations with some humor and lightness. With my entrepreneur’s cap this is not always useful. The other reason is that I noticed, inspired by various people around me and a growing awareness about ‘green’ and ‘sustainability’, that change can only really start with myself.

      There is no Planet B

I would like to give credits to a few inspirers who contributed to my growing green awareness. Together with my friend Asselien, natural designer and partner in crime to give primary school students in the province of Overijssel (Holland) more green awareness, after our extensive research we wrote an advice with the title: There is no Planet B. No party, neither green nor municipality Zwolle or Province of Overijssel, was interested in this. So it seemed. And yet a green research group led by ROVA eventually came up with the same advice in the media. Well, if you do not know the roads in (subsidy) country enough, then you rarely harvest. Nevertheless, this research experience has fueled the green fire with me.

I never was that green-minded

I do not come from a green nest. Certainly not politically. I did go into nature with my father and sister (s) at a young age. My parents grew up on a farm (Nunspeet, NL), the farm life never attracted me. I do have green (left) sympathies. Girlfriend Linda Dijkstra, as ecopreneur Bee-Dressed, has been working for years for a change of mindset concerning the sustainable purchase of clothing. She too inspired me to take this step. My partner, who, by the way, is not yet completely in charge of buying sustainable clothing, has brought knowledge and inspiration about energy-neutral construction & electric driving into my life.

duurzame dame

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On my way to a sustainable lifestyle

When I decided to take concrete steps from the sustainable idea of ​​doing something about global warming instead of waiting for the Climate Conference of Dutch government, it turned out that this road was full of challenges. That’s why I thought it would be fun to blog about my efforts to become a sustainable lady. My promise is: Project365, blogging about my experiences once a week. My blogs touch on different themes in a sustainable lifestyle: living, fashion, mobility and food. Reactions and tips are very welcome.

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