Where do you start with sustainable living?

Although I was reasonably thinking ‘green’, I did nothing more with it than sorting waste. Over the past two years I have been influenced by media reports and from my immediate environment. Thinking of Asselien Broekhuis (from our cooperation around more greenery in primary school), Linda Dijkstra (Bee-Dressed, ecopreneur in sustainable clothing) and my new partner Theo Smidt (designer of zero-meter houses, sustainable construction) .

Start with yourself!

That is why I decided in December 2018: a more sustainable life starts with myself. My intention is only to buy sustainably produced and manufactured clothing and shoes. Where possible, buy organic food, drive sustainably. In other words: making sustainable choices. I do not hold the wisdom. The only thing I can do now is … just start, make choices and go for it. That’s why I started this blog. To inspire you and to learn from each other. Are you going on a journey to a sustainable lifestyle with me?

See below the report from the Britsh reporter Stacey Dooley about fast fashion.

Stacey Dooley about fast fahion


And who am I? I am 56, my name is Atty van de Brake, I am the mother of 21-year-old Paco. He studies Communication & Multimedia design with Hanze in Groningen. Have a relationship with Theo Smidt, sustainable building consultant. We live in Harfsen (near Deventer, east of Holland) in an energy-neutral house and drive electrically (car, scooter and bicycle). As an independent professional I advise on communication topics and write texts. I am also the owner and manager of Scheiden-in-Zwolle.


These blogs are written in a personal title with the aim of inspiring myself & others to live sustainably. I have no knowledge of, knowledge about or a (training) background in sustainability or the environment in any way. In other words: no pretensions, I tell purely about my own experiences and attempts to live more sustainably.